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Capturing the action with your Wedding guests.

Today is our sixth wedding anniversary!

Our wedding day was a rather relaxed event by all accounts, we just had a party with family and friends with a couple of formalities thrown in.

We did not have a photobooth at our wedding, we did what was done and had disposable cameras on the tables. There are two photo albums on the bookshelf full of the nice, the random, and the silly that was our day.

Looking back through the photos there are a couple of loved family members who are no longer with us and we are so glad to have these images of them as a part of it. This is a big part of why we are so passionate about what we do with PicBox Photobooth, the sentimental side of it that allows people to look back on what were fun times with their near and dear.

But there were a lot of dud photos.

Don't get me wrong, I love the randomness that is our family and friends, but there are a few downsides to DIYing your fun photos. So many of our photos are out of focus, too dark because the flash wasn't used or they have a finger in the way.

Not everyone read the directions, or they were just having too much fun to take the time to let the flash reset for it to work.

Our venue was dark with a lot of coloured lighting to carry the colour scheme though so it was not the best for photos.

If photobooths were more of a thing back then, I am sure we would have had one.

Our guests would have been just as out there, if not even more so given some props to run their imaginations, and we would have had so many better quality photos to look back on.

One venue we have done weddings at with PicBox has told us they always try to discourage people from setting up a DYI Photobooth because they just don't work. Couples will plan to set a camera up on a tripod with a trigger and a few props they have picked up. You may have some success with it, but again factors like lighting, focus and operator error come into play.

Not to mention it can impact the aesthetic of your reception to have a thrown together photobooth set up.

You hire a photographer to capture your ceremony and portraits, a chef to cook your food and all of the other professionals to make your wedding happen, so why not get PicBox Photobooth in to get photos of your guests you will look back on and laugh at for years to come.


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