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Upper Hunter Wedding Venue Opens Doors

It is hard to find a venue that has it all, but we may just know one.

Moonan Cottage at the base of the Barrington Tops is an old school turned venue and we are in loooove.

Last year we took part in the first Moonan Cottage Weddings Open Day and it was a great chance to scope out the venue as well as meeting with the venues preferred suppliers. It gave people like you, who were planning their wedding, a chance to check it out and meet everyone too.

One of the stunning spots at Moonan Cottage that you are able to tie the knot.

Some of the key features of Moonan Cottage as a wedding venue;

  • Stunning location. If county beauty is what you are looking for then this has it all. Rolling hills as a backdrop to either a creek (if there is water) or under tree ceremony, then celebrate the night away on site with a reception on the grounds.

  • Accommodation. There are plenty of rooms for you and your guests to enjoy in the old school house, as well as plenty of space for caravans or tents. Keep everyone safe and close to make the most of the day.

  • Unplugged. We are so tech dependant now days, and it is a bit annoying when someone uploads a photo of your big day before you. Moonan Cottage is just out of mobile network range, so there is little worry of having someone share your style before you.

  • Community. Being where they are, the team at Moonan Cottage know their local area and like to support as much as they can the small businesses close by. If you are not from the area then Kath and the team will be able to help point you in the right direction.

If you are loving what you are reading, why not pop on out to the Moonan Cottage Wedding Open Day on Sunday February 10 between 10am and 2pm.

Visit their website for more information about what vendors will be attending, and details about the great competition being run on the day.

Already sold? You might need to look at this map for how to get there. It is not a bad idea to save the directions as you will not have reception for much of the drive.

Check out the fun that you could have at your wedding!

See you there!


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