• Jem Anshaw

Why you need an attendant

Does everyone at your event know how yo use a photobooth?

Probably not!

We often see guests start to walk away after the first photo, miss the countdown, or go looking for where they need to put their coin!

With every PicBox booking you will have an attendant on hand for the duration to help everyone get the most out of their visits. We will prompt people who are changing props to get back in the picture and try our best to get kids (and adults) to look at the camera. If you have added an album to your booking we will make sure photos are being stuck in it and remind guests they are able to leave a message.

If your guests get the touch screen and timer down, we will happily fade into the background and just make sure the props are kept tidy and just jump in when needed.

The other benefit of having an attendant on hand is the unlikely occasions that something goes wrong - the paper might run out or the computer has an issue. We are on site and ready to jump in and fix things without delay.

Keep this in mind when you are asking about the cost of a booth - you are not just paying for photos, you are paying for us.

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