• Jem Anshaw

Welcome to the NEW PicBox Photobooth website!

We thought it was time for a change, so here it is!

With over 12 months of operating behind us we have met a lot of wonderful people, been a part of some fabulous events and learnt a lot!

Thank you so much to everyone that has been a part of this journey so far and we look forward to having you with is into the future.

Many of our followers will know that we have a new booth in our fleet, as well as some new backdrops for clients to choose from. We are looking forward to adding more designs to this collection as well as planning some more exciting upgrades to our services. If there is something you would love to see as do, please get in touch and we will see what we can arrange to accommodate.

Watch this space for updates on all things PicBox Photobooth, we hope to see you in the booth soon!

The slick, new, body at PicBox Photobooth, accompanied by a popping new backdrop!

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