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What we learned at Boothcon!

January 2019 has come around faster than I think anyone expected, and with it came a big step for PicBox Photobooth.

We attended Boothcon in Melbourne, where we took part in a number of seminars and masterclasses, got to meet a lot of boothers from around the country out to learn, and check out a heap of the latest technology first hand.

Boothcon, an annual convention in Melbourne Australia.
PicBox Photobooth at Boothcon 2019

This was a great opportunity for us to absorb a lot of information about how we can go about things better and what the future holds for photoboothing in Australia and the world. So we thought we would share some of what we took away, and what impact it will have on PicBox Photobooth!

It is all about the photo. This is something we already know, but a standout speaker took a step back from all the excitement of new technology and business skills to discuss it. We heard stories about people who don't like photos having booth shots as the only images families have to keep after they pass, cherished photos living in wallets for decades and proposals captured at Christmas parties.

There is a lot more we can offer our clients from what we have. As a family business we may not have huge budgets to always have the latest technology, but we have been able to identify a number of ways we can mix it up for our clients to have unique experiences.

There are some great programs out there. While it may contradict the previous point, we have learned about some software for both the booths and the booking process that will be great assets for PicBox Photobooth. Boothcon was a great chance to get hands on with these programs and the people who know them inside out are there to answer our questions.

PicBox Photobooth busy looking out for the goods for Upper Hunter Event Entertainment
Prop addiction is real!

Prop addiction is real. And we are not the only ones with a problem. Carry on baggage allowance for the flight home was a worry (though we scraped it in) and now we have a few new packs of signs to use at upcoming bookings.

We are not alone. We know there are heaps of other photobooth businesses out there, but Boothcon gave us the chance to meet with them and share stories. We also got to meet with boothers who service neighbouring areas which makes us confident we can recommend a service in areas we don't cover. PicBox Photobooth is focused on the Upper Hunter area, Muswellbrook, Scone and the neighbouring towns. We love knowing who else is out there if we are not able to help.

The sky is the limit. Inspired by stories and full of information we are going into 2019 ready to up our game. Hopefully you will stay with us this year and many more to come, as we are here to offer a great service for you and your guests.

There was so much information crammed into the two days, and this is only a tiny amount of it. We are going to work through everything and begin implementing a number of changes, some you will see and others you won't even notice, but all of them will be about making your experience with PicBox Photobooth easier.

See you soon in the booth!


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