• Jem Anshaw

Pint-sized fun!

What kid doesn't love getting in front of the camera and being a bit silly?

When we are at events most of the guests are adults, and we pop in a bench for the kids to stand on for them to get in on the action.

But what if you are hosting an event that is for the kids? Be it a birthday party, community day or Christmas party - if the main focus is the young ones then we have a solution for you.

When setting up the booth, we can make it kid size!

This doesn't stop the grown ups from getting in on the action, they just get to take a seat.

It doesn't take long for the youngsters to get the hang of using the booth, and the result can be some great cheeky photos that look great on the fridge or desk at work.

Why not have a chat to us about if a kid size booth would suit your next event?

** Kids need to be supervised by a parent or guardian at all times when they are using the booth.

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